Messy Play

Messy play isn't just for babies!

Sensory activities can be an important tool for all age groups. It's also a lot of FUN!

Some of the benefits include; reinforcing concepts and skills learnt at preschool and school. This will improve understanding of science concepts, math, art, problem solving etc. This can be an amazing help for hands-on learners, who need some type of physical activity involved.

Sensory stimulation can also help increase levels of concentration and the ability to focus. It can be very calming, improve moods, self-esteem and overall wellbeing.

Messy play gives children the opportunity to express themselves creatively and explore different materials. It can help to build nerve connections in the brain and encourage language development and motor skills.

With all these benefits what are you waiting for?

Our classes are open-end and child lead, with opportunities to make artwork to take home and cherish. We provide a variety opportunities each session that encourage children to learn through play and mark make.

What is Mark Making?

Mark making refers to the different patterns , lines, textures and shapes a child creates. It gives children the freedom to express themselves and explore materials other than just crayons and paper. This can help enhances their fine motor ability and hand-eye coordination. Mark making also prepares young children to develop their hand writing skills.

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